Rony Barrak is a famous musician from Lebanon mostly known for his great talent with the darbuka. Its rhythmic qualities let him to play with the biggest names of jazz musicians as well as different musical genre, and he even played with philarmonic orchestras all over the world.

He can play all styles of music, mixing Arabic music and Latin music and jazz, funk, percussion and all sorts of amazing music.

Constantly engaged in the development of new projects, he has played during perfomances lives of video game music. Yes video games have orchestras.

The symphony orchestra and choir of the WDR radio hosted the concert "Symphonic Fantasies - Music SQUARE ENIX in 2009 at 20h at the Arena Oberhausen and at the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, Germany. These highly anticipated events presented interpretations of music from soundtracks of video games published at Square Enix.

With Square Enix, who gave us the opportunity to play their wonderful music, the musicans presented a great concert of music video game from Square Enix, played by the orchestra and the WDR Radio Choir. Arnie Roth conducted the orchestra,Rony Barrak at the darbuka and Benyamin Nuss at the piano made an appearance. With the help of Thomas Böcker, who assisted in the organization of this kind of production, we were absolutely certain that this would a fantastic concert, and it was.

Jonne Valtonen, Finland award winning composer and arranger, was hired only to arrange the music concert "Symphonic Fantasies", which would revert to the classic themes of "Final Fantasy" "Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, " "Kingdom Hearts" and "Secret of Mana".

Video games and online gaming are becoming very popular, and with them a new music genre has emerged, composed and played by the greatest talents in modern music. Online gambling games like online poker or online blackjack do not have such music, but online regular video games have it.

The famous composers of video game music Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Hiroki Kikuta and Yasunori Mitsuda were in attendance with Rony Barrak at both concerts in Germany and joined an autograph session for fans after the concert. This was a brilliant performance and we cannot wait for the next one of the same genre.